Welcome to the UNCW Applied Learning Student Success Gallery

This site features selected examples of applied learning experiences as described by students themselves. Here you can browse through the dozens of applied learning projects in the Gallery and learn about the types of applied learning projects occurring at UNCW. Learn more or create your submission.

Caitlin Fountain Fall 2017. I began my honors thesis in August 2017. I... read more.
Caroline Grimes Summer 2017. I studied abroad for 15 days in a faculty... read more.
Marilyn Rocco Fall 2017. In the Fall of 2017, I embarked on the... read more.
Alexandra Yllanes Fall 2016. I studied abroad in Edinburgh, Scotland for... read more.
Mary Kate Corbisiero Summer 2017. For my applied learning experience, I... read more.
Victoria Vaillancourt Summer 2016. My faculty- led experience at the... read more.
Alyssa Bass 2017. I studied abroad in San Jose, Costa Rica for the... read more.
MacKenzie Wantje Spring 2017. I got the chance to travel to Ireland and... read more.
Axel Tuxen Summer 2017. During the Summer of 2017, I was... read more.
Sarah Brewster Fall 2017. In the spring of 2016, I began assiting a... read more.
Caroline Orth Spring 2017. I began preparing for my... read more.
Blair Samantha Byrd Spring 2017. In the Wright Laboratory, research... read more.