Alyssa Bass

Briefly describe your applied learning experience

I studied abroad in San Jose, Costa Rica for the Spring 2017 semester where I studied conservation biology, climate change issues and Spanish. 

How did you get involved in this applied learning experience and what did you hope to gain from it?

I hoped to improve my Spanish conversation skills as well learn more about a different culture, in a developing country. I did this by living with a Costa Rican family and participating in cultural exurcsions througout the semester. 

What did you gain from this experience? What was challenging? What did you learn?

I learned to appreciate the things I have in my life. Those living in developing countries are not as fortunate as we are, and when I returned to the states, I looked at all of my actions in life differently. I learned that I am much more independent than I thought, and that I am capable of reaching any dream I have. 

In what way will this experience make you a more viable candidate when you are seeking a job or applying for graduate study?

I am now more culturally aware, have a more extensive view and knowledge of the world, as well as a deeper understanding of the beauty that is a part of life.