By Funding Source : Scholarship or Fellowship

Student Sort descending Major Semester of Project Year of Project
Aliana Raulerson (Marine Biology, B.S.), Spring 2017
Amelia Johnson (Marine Biology, B.S.), Spring 2016
Amelia Sludds (History, B.A.), Spring 2014
Ashley DeLeon (Marine Biology, B.S.), Fall 2014
Ashley deMey (Biology, B.S.), Spring 2016
Audrey Kaye Taylor (Geography, B.A.), Spring 2015
Axel Tuxen (Business Administration, B.S.), Summer 2017
Brian Andrew Gottwalt (Biology, B.S.), Spring 2015
Caroline Orth (Creative Writing, B.F.A.), Spring 2017
Christopher Hathaway (English, B.A.), Fall 2015
Cody Postich (Biology, B.S.), Fall 2017
Erin Gallagher (French, B.A.), , (International Studies, B.A.), Summer 2014
Hollie Champion (Exercise Science, B.S.), Spring 2016
Jamie Knaub (Marine Biology, B.S.), Spring 2016
Jin-Si Over (Geology, B.S.), Spring 2016
Justin Wells (Geology, B.S.), Spring 2017
Katie Dyer (Psychology, B.A.), Fall 2014
Katie Li Kerupetski (Criminology, B.A.), , (Psychology, B.A.), Fall 2015
Kayla Barnes (Psychology, B.A.), Fall 2015
Kirsten Woolpert (Biology, B.S.), Fall 2015