By Funding Source : SURCA

Student Sort descending Major Semester of Project Year of Project
Apria Valenza (Marine Biology, B.S.), 2018
Ashley deMey (Biology, B.S.), Spring 2016
Audrey Kaye Taylor (Geography, B.A.), Spring 2015
Brian Heubel (Marine Biology, B.S.), Summer 2018
Caroline Orth (Creative Writing, B.F.A.), Spring 2017
Connor Cribb (Biology, B.S.), Summer 2017
Grey Caballero (Anthropology, B.A.), Summer 2018
Justin Wells (Geology, B.S.), Spring 2017
Katie Dyer (Psychology, B.A.), Fall 2014
Kristen Maiden (Biology, B.S.), , (Chemistry, B.A.), Spring 2015
Michelle Pieters (Anthropology, B.A.), Summer 2015
Samantha Athey (Marine Biology, B.S.), Summer 2014
Shelby Smith (Psychology, B.A.), Fall 2015
Tara Capel (Anthropology, B.A.), Fall 2017