Welcome to the UNCW Applied Learning Student Success Gallery

This site features selected examples of applied learning experiences as described by students themselves. Here you can browse through the dozens of applied learning projects in the Gallery and learn about the types of applied learning projects occurring at UNCW. Learn more or create your submission.

Matthew Fair Fall 2017. I began seeking research opportunities my... read more.
Sarah Marks Spring 2018. I started out doing a Directed Individual... read more.
Jacob Bowie Spring 2017. I had the opportunity to conduct a... read more.
Kirsten Woolpert Fall 2015. Beginning in sophomore year, I became... read more.
Connor Cribb Summer 2017. I began a directed individual study... read more.
Tara Capel Fall 2017. Since my sophomore year, I have been an... read more.
Erik Paulson Summer 2017. Last summer, I worked with Dr. Kinsey’s... read more.
Sarah Murphy Spring 2017. My applied learning experience has... read more.
Jamie Knaub Spring 2016. My research experience began my sophomore... read more.
Maya Drzewicki Fall 2017. As a freshman I started working in Dr.... read more.
Lara Noren Fall 2017. I am a UNCW student studying the... read more.
Meghann Dintino Spring 2017. From the summer of 2016 to this fall 2017... read more.