Welcome to the UNCW Applied Learning Student Success Gallery

This site features selected examples of applied learning experiences as described by students themselves. Here you can browse through the dozens of applied learning projects in the Gallery and learn about the types of applied learning projects occurring at UNCW. Learn more or create your submission.

Audrey Kaye Taylor Spring 2015. I'm working with Dr. Benedetti and Dr.... read more.
William N. Connelly III Fall 2015. My project revolved around the numerous... read more.
Christopher Hathaway Fall 2015. I undertook a two-semester departmental... read more.
Shelby Smith Fall 2015. In the Aging and Cognitive Training Lab, I... read more.
Kristen Maiden Spring 2015. I synthesized new tryptamine compounds,... read more.
Stephanie L. Perez Fall 2015. In just a few words I can say this is the... read more.
Kayla Barnes Fall 2015. My experince in Dr. Kohman's lab has been... read more.
Catherine Restrepo Fall 2015. For this project my group members and I had... read more.
Derek Detweiler Fall 2015. I work in Dr. Ai Ning Loh's organic... read more.
Alana Arnone Spring 2015. I am currently working on my honors... read more.
Kaitlyn G. Jackson Fall 2014. Over the last year, I, along with... read more.
Morgan Clark Summer 2015. I studied Spanish for health care... read more.