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This site features selected examples of applied learning experiences as described by students themselves. Here you can browse through the dozens of applied learning projects in the Gallery and learn about the types of applied learning projects occurring at UNCW. Learn more or create your submission.

Cody Postich Fall 2017. My applied learning experience began in the... read more.
Aliana Raulerson Spring 2017. Since Fall 2015 I have been an... read more.
Michelle Pieters Summer 2015. I reached out to my mentor after the Zika... read more.
Samantha Santana Fall 2016. My research investigates and analyzes the... read more.
Justin Wells Spring 2017. A large portion of the U.S. receives its... read more.
Hollie Champion Spring 2016. For my applied learning experience, I... read more.
Rachel Davey Fall 2016. Due to the emergence of antibiotic-... read more.
Tyler Evangelous Fall 2016. My honors project began as a DIS in the... read more.
Amelia Johnson Spring 2016. I am completing my Departmental Honors... read more.
Ashley deMey Spring 2016. I started this experience in the second... read more.
Jin-Si Over Spring 2016. I am completing my Honors Project in Dr.... read more.
Lauren Cromie Spring 2016. Under the guidance of Dr. Scharf, I... read more.