Taryn April

Briefly describe your applied learning experience

My applied learning experience allowed me to gain first hand experience in the field and gain valuable skills that I would not be able to gain in a traditional classroom setting. I was able to explore the positives and negatives of working in the field as well as the possibility of a future career in anthropoloy as a field researcher.

Did you receive any grants or other funding for your applied learning experience?
How did you get involved in this applied learning experience and what did you hope to gain from it?

I have worked closely with the professor who runs the field school and became very interested in attending as I began to learn more about it. I hoped to gain incite into what it would take to puruse the role of a researcher and to gain a better understanding of the direction I wanted to go in for the future.

What did you gain from this experience? What was challenging? What did you learn?

I gained a massive understanding and appreciation for the culture in which I was living for four weeks. It was very challenging because of the vigorous schedule that we had to adhere to on a daily basis but the reality is that is what doing field research entails. I learned skills that helped me cope with time management as well as balancing work with leisure and building a relationship with the local people.

In what way will this experience make you a more viable candidate when you are seeking a job or applying for graduate study?

This field school was vigorous and my participation shows a lot of dedication to the work that I conduct. The ability to handle a generous amount of work successfully in a place very different from that in which you are used to working is a skill that shows diversity and flexibility. Having already had field experience, I will have a leg up in applying for graduate study because I will have already completed hands-on work as well as conducted a study designed and produced by myself.